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RCDBM - RomCenter Database Manager

This wiki was written for RCDBM version 1.x.

RomCenter Database Manager (RCDBM) is a standalone tool, which uses RomCenter’s (RC) command-line tool to perform all actions supported by it, on multiple databases created using TOSEC datafiles. It is a 32-bit WinForms application written in .NET 4.0, so it should run properly under Windows (from XP up to 10) and perhaps Linux (using Wine). No tests on specific OSs have been performed though (except Windows 10), so any input will be welcomed. For support, visit this forum.

It can update (after configuring it properly of course) all related RomCenter databases from a new TOSEC release set of a specific system (i.e. Amstrad CPC), simply by selecting the system's node in the loaded tree and then pressing the Start Process button. RCDBM provides a UI for organizing the tasks, but the actual work on the databases is done underneath the hood by the good-old RomCenter roms fixing engine (thanks for the command-line tool Eric).

The first thing that must be done is to fill-out the Settings screen (menu Options/Settings). After that, proceed to the Main screen where all the magic takes place.

Check the compatibility list to find out which version of RCDBM is compatible with which version of RC.

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