First beta version of RCDBM released

First beta of RCDBM (0.91 – beta1) has landed! You can download it here. You have to manually unzip it in a folder in order to use it.

RCDBManager uses (for now) an MSAccess database (RCDBManager.mdb) to store its settings, which must be placed in a writeable location. For that reason, if you unzip the file in a folder under “Program Files”, you may need to run is as Administrator under Windows 10. If this is what you wish to do, it is suggested to at least place the database in another (writeable) folder (i.e. in a folder under “Documents”) which should eliminate the need to “run as Admin”.

The database can be placed anywhere in your disk, provided that you manually edit the “RCDBManager.exe.config” file with a text editor, and define its location there (in tag “RCDBManager.My.MySettings.ConnStr”, change the “Data Source=RCDBManager.mdb” to the full path of the .mdb file – i.e. “Data Source=C:\RCDBManager\RCDBManager.mdb”).

First read the wiki to understand how to configure and use it and remember: backup your roms before using it, just in case. Report any questions or issues in the support forum.

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