RCDBManager under development

RCDBManager. A new tool, currently under development. Utilizes RomCenter’s command-line tool and TOSEC dats, aiming to make multiple RomCenter databases management easier.

It is a standalone .NET 4.0 WinForms tool (maintains compatibility even with WinXP), which will use RomCenter’s command-line tool to perform all actions supported by it on multiple databases created using TOSEC datafiles. For instance, the plan is to give the user the ability to update all related RC Amstrad CPC databases from a new TOSEC release set by simply selecting “Amstrad CPC” and then pressing “Start Process” button. RCDBM will provide a UI but the whole work will be done behind the scenes by the good-old RomCenter ROMs management engine.

Notifications and possibly screenshots will be placed here and in RomCenter’s forum when something usable has been created and is ready to be released to the wild.

2 thoughts on “RCDBManager under development

  1. Hi

    Is it possible to give me more details about what rcdbmanager will/can do?
    Im very interested.
    In what language is it developed?
    Will it be a plugin for romceneter or a standalone tool?


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